When you are with someone you truly love, how can you know if the person is yours? How you can find out where your relationship stands? Are there signs that can tell you whether the relationship will lead to marriage? Maybe you are at a stage where you feel that you are ready to compromise and you want to know if the relationship is going anywhere. 

How do you determine if the person you are with is as dedicated to you as you are to him or her? Below are some tips to help you determine how much you and your partner really care about your commitment and proximity to take this next step: 

1. Discard “I” or “you” and start mentioning each other like "we". 

2. There is no one you can imagine living with but him or her. They are starting to become the most important thing in your life. 

3. Contemplate this notion as you interact with your peers. 

4. You see you grow old together, walking hand in hand on the beach, taking care of each other. 

5. You enjoy imagining what your children and grandchildren will be like. 

Sign of good relationships


6. You will start looking at money in a different way, such as thinking of buying a home together, saving money together, spending money on anything that the two of you can share. 

7. Cancel a date with your friends and other people because you prefer to be with him or her. 

8. You start to feel the sting of marriage, you start to think about getting married. 

9. You feel it is very important for your family and special parents to get along. 

10. Start thinking and talking about your future goals together.

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